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My love of horses began at age 11 when I worked every summer at a ranch.

I, like so many others, found the wisdom and beauty and robust connection you can have with horses. They have their own personalities like we do, and if you care to actually look, you will see they convey a broad assortment of emotions. They may be happily prancing, angrily stomping, they could demonstrate sadness, and even apathy and conquer. How a horse reacts depends upon how we handle and care for them.

I found out the hard way when in the end of the afternoon, I took off his saddle and hopped on. Before anyone can say anything, he was away, bucking wildly and trying to bite my legs. Of course in the long run, he got off me by slamming me into a tree. I had a bruised leg for months. He revealed quite a bit of slyness and could suddenly strike out and kick me as I walked past or when I got close he would attempt to bite me. I understood for the first time that horses weren’t only work creatures and that he had been expressing his displeasure with me. I was astonished and developed a new- found respect. I resolved to establish a connection, and from the summers end, we had been employed as a team. There was no longer kicking or biting.

Throughout history, horses are adored and admired by pharaohs and kings alike. There’s evidence of domesticated horses going back a long time. In actuality, in ancient Egypt, it’s believed that horses were treated better than the Egyptians and they would even be fed prior to the Pharaoh himself. This was a result of the early Arabian horses unbelievable beauty, endurance and speed and having saved many lives during war. This creature could withstand the harshness of the desert and preserve its strength and beauty.

The Lipizzan Stallion is another unbelievable beauty, strong, yet docile horse. It had been stated that this was the horse Napoleon choose to ride during warfare. He was not a big man; therefore his stallion was bred to jump straight up in the air so he could find a better view of what was happening in the area below.

There are a lot of different breeds of horses, and they’re being used for various things, speed, beauty, work etc.. To me they’re beautiful, even religious and I know that there are many others out there that feel the same as I do. There are even many amazing horse posters available to decorate ones walls. I believe this relation of horse and man will always be there. Enjoy them!

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